Ripson Homes Takes Contrarian View



Housing Market Not as Dire as Many Say

Scottsdale, AZ – Ripson Homes is taking an aggressive approach to attract new homebuyers. The Scottsdale based homebuilder is drawing a line in the desert dirt and its CEO firmly believes the homebuilding market is about to turn for the better.

CEO Michael Ripson understands that historically there is a market for the homeowner looking to build a brand new home, even in the worst of economies – Ripson Homes is here to build for those very homeowners. Because of that belief, Ripson Homes is launching a spanking new 118 home development when many builders have closed their doors or have mothballed their projects.

"We believe the unique nature of our product will override the wave of foreclosures that has temporarily interrupted the marketplace," said Michael Ripson. "The particular niche we offer is the dynamic nature of a full one-acre lot as compared to the typical homebuilders’ seven thousand square foot lot."

Our marketing campaign is built around the message "Size Matters – Semi-Custom Homes on Acre Lots." Ripson’s lots are 43,650 square feet, which is roughly a football field deep and half a football field wide. Preliminary results have shown that this message is resonating with the buying public.

This weekend Ripson Homes will have its official grand opening and open house announcing its first phase of their new development Sonoran Acres located near Surprise, Arizona. The Sonoran Acres homes are priced between $265,000 and $355,000 on one-acre lots. As a special incentive to buyers, Ripson Homes is offering a $14,000 credit toward the purchase of perimeter fence.

Ripson Homes is a Scottsdale, Arizona based homebuilder specializing in custom homes as well as affordable homes throughout the Valley since 2001. More information is available at or

For an interview with Michael Ripson or to arrange a tour of Sonoran Acres, please contact Chris Comes at (312) 282-0539.