Size Matters' billboard stolen from Surprise company


KNXV - TV (ABC 15) -- A Scottsdale based homebuilder just started a billboard campaign for its Sonoran Acres development in Surprise a week ago. Using a sign attached to a semi trailer with the slogan, “Size Matters,” Ripson Homes was trying to emphasize the fact that they offer large, one-acre lots, for their homes near Grand Avenue and Patton.

Company C.E.O. Michael Ripson said they went by the sign on Sunday to check it out, and it was gone.

Ripson immediately called the sign manufacturer to see if the wind may have been able to blow the sign away.

“He indicated that it’s absolutely impossible for anything other than a couple of human beings to take the sign down,” said Ripson.

The manufacturer pointed out to him that they drive these trucks down the freeway at 70 miles per hour and the signs do not come off.

There were also tool marks on the trailer, indicating that someone had cut the sign down.

The sign was located at 163rd Avenue and Asante Boulevard.

If anyone has any information on the sign, or who might have taken it down, they are asked to call the Surprise Police Department at 623-222-4000.

KNXV - TV (ABC 15)
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Reported by: Kyle Burke
Last Update: 3/31 9:31 am